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Special vehicles
Trailers and semi-trailers
Entire listlist of the models
Car carriers
Bucket trucks and autolifts
Crane trucks
Trucks for drilling and/or driving piles
Trucks for working with concrete and mortar
Excavator trucks
Vacuum trucks and sewer cleaners
Special equippment for aeroports
Platform trucks
Chain container transporters
Crew carriers
Special equippments for military purposes
Gas transporters
Autobus-type vans for cargo and special purposes
Combined vehicles for cargo and passenger transport
Special equippments for disinfection, fume and heat production
Road repairing machinery, asphalters
Road cleaners
Armoured trucks for collection and transportation of money
Trucks with special purpose box (workshops, laboratories, etc.)
Compressor and pump stations
Container trucks for swap bodies (BDF)
Ice producers
Timber trucks and long material carriers
Trucks for collecting and transportation of scrap metals
Medical purpose vehicles
Hook carriers, multilifts
Garbage trucks
Oil exploration trucks, geophysical equippments
Repair trucks for overhead lines
Firefighter equippments
Dump trucks
Agricultural vehicles
Special vehicles of law enforcement agencies
Sport cars, show cars
Special trucks for television, radio, filming
Fuel tankers and gas pumping stations
Semi-trailer trucks
Box lorries for cargo
Cement and bulk carriers
Tank trucks (except fuel and dry materials)
Tow trucks
Tractors with ballast
Trucks on the railway motion
Uniaxial tractors
Other equippments

JSC "Aleksandrija" list of the models
JSC Agroservice list of the models
Others list of the models
Fire trucks of ME list of the models
JSC "Mogilevoblavtotrans" list of the models
RUE "Mogilevoblgas" list of the models
RUE "Mogilevenergo" list of the models
Mogilev oblpotrebsoyuz list of the models
Mogilevoblselstroy list of the models
Mogilev GPLKhO list of the models
УЖКХ Могилевской области list of the models
Road service trucks list of the models
Mogilev branch of The Belarusian Railway list of the models
ОАО Управляющая компания холдинга "Агромашсервис" list of the models
JSC "Babushkina krynka" (Mogilev) list of the models
JSC "Servolux" (Mogilev) list of the models
МГКУ "Спецавтопредприятие" (Mogilev) list of the models
JSC "Milk Mountains" (Gorki) list of the models
ChUPP "Prometey" (Gorki) list of the models
JSC "Klimovichi bread products company" list of the models
JSC "Klimovihi LVZ" list of the models
JSC "Belarusian cement plant" (Kostyukovichi) list of the models
ОАО "Краснопольский" list of the models
Belarusian State Agricultural Academy list of the models

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Формат внесения номера для безномерных или редких авто:
(BY-6) Б/Н ****, где **** - порядковый номер профиля от 0 до 9999

Формат транзитных и временных номеров:
6ХХ Т ****
ХХ ВР ****, где ХХ - буквенная серия, **** - цифры от 0001 до 9999

Серии обычных госномеров вносятся кириллицей на русском языке, кроме серий с белорусской буквой "І":
АА ****-6 - номера стандарта 2004 года
АВ ****-6
АЕ ****-6
АІ ****-6
АК ****-6
ТІ **** - номера стандарта 2000 года
ТС ****
ТА **** - номера стандарта 1992 года
ТВ ****
ТЕ ****
ТМ ****
ТС ****
**** МГЛ - номера стандарта 1977 года
**** МГМ
**** МГО
**** МГР
**** МГТ
**** МИМ - серия автомобилей МВД, в т.ч. ВПО (ныне МЧС)
**-** МГА - номера стандарта 1958 года
**-** МГД
**-** МГЖ

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